ReTooled & ReFueled Testimonies

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“Steve Diggs is an amazing person! A friend of mine for years, I’ve watched him go from business success to true significance—and triumph! He’s eminently qualified to help others develop the life skills to go the distance. Don’t miss Steve!” 

– Pat Boone, Legendary entertainment icon

Cal Thomas

“Steve Diggs helps us in our struggle between…the temporal and the eternal. We all need this kind of help.

– Cal Thomas, FOX News commentator & USA Today columnist

Gene Stallings

"Whether it’s on the football field or in real life, one of the keys to victory is good coaching. Steve Diggs’ teachings as a life coach have blessed people worldwide. Steve is a life skills coach who knows his subject and communicates it with authority. He gets to the point, he tells the truth, and he shows others how to enjoy abundant success. He has blessed my life. I know that Steve will bless your life too." 
-Gene Stallings, Professional & College Football Coach (Retired) 

Gene Stallings

“Wow … what a presentation! What you’re doing with our civilian audiences is desperately needed. Your communication skills are second-to-none (I’m a little jealous) and command the attention of all ages – from senior officers to our 19-year old wrench-turners working on the jets.”

– Colonel Michael C. Whittington Command Chaplain of all Pacific Air Forces (Retired)

Dennis Jones

“We have had two…Seminars with Steve Diggs on our campus and we have scheduled another one for next year. I would recommend this valuable and helpful seminar to any Christian group or business.”

– Dennis Jones, President, Heritage Christian University


“By age 25 he was among the top of all Realtors in the U.S.! If you want to learn how to sell—see Steve! A star salesman himself, Steve Diggs knows how to put a jet pack on your sales force!”

– Dave Floyd, Principle Broker, Silverpointe Properties, Franklin TN

Dennis Jones

“Steve Diggs seminar…was just what the Christ Church people needed…presented with clarity, humor, and good common sense.” “We had nothing but positive comments from your seminar at Christ Church…This is very important to setting our priorities…”

 – Pastor L. H. Hardwick, Jr., Founding Pastor,& Mike Hardwick, Treasurer, Christ Church, Nashville

Dennis Jones

“Steve Diggs is our Resident Life-Skills and Money-Skills Coach.”

– FOX/17

Dennis Jones

“God used you mightily to both encourage and equip…lives were changed because God worked through you! We truly appreciate your unselfish commitment that made that possible. It’s always great having you!”

– Walt Leaver, Vice President, Lipscomb University

Joe Beam

"Steve Diggs knows how to present a vital message in a compelling way that will bring your audience to their feet and motivate long-term change. Steve communicates eternal truths in a fast-paced, contemporary style…Audiences across America invite Steve back over and over again for one simple reason: He says what they need to hear in a way that stimulates, penetrates, and motivates. Don’t miss Steve–he nails it every time!" 

– Joe Beam, Author and President of LovePath International 

Paige Patterson

“Your approach…seems to me to be one of the more logical that I have heard. God bless you for helping people understand the critical importance of these kinds of things.” 

– Dr. Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ronnie Norman

“Our people at First Colony loved your…(seminar) because it was practical and hopeful. Plus, our people liked you and your engaging conversational style. Looking forward to your return."

– Ronnie Norman, Senior Minister, First Colony Church, Sugar Land, (Houston) TX

Jeff Walling

 “…Steve was a great presenter!…brought in visitors, enthused our members and left everyone with excellent principles…a huge hit! It If you’re considering using Steve Diggs…Just say yes!”

– Jeff Walling, Senior Minister, Providence Rd. Church of Christ, Charlotte 

David Burks

“The message that Steve Diggs presents is one that needs to be told as often as possible. It is a message that is easy to understand and practical in today’s society. I highly recommend (it) to schools, churches, couples, parents, anyone who is interested in money management from a Godly perspective.”

– Dr. David B. Burks, President, Harding University

Charlie Chase

“When it comes to finances and life-skills, Steve Diggs is the real deal. The modern world is changing faster than ever—Steve stays ahead of the curve and lights the way for the rest of us! You’ve got to see Steve!”

– Charlie Chase, Radio & TV Host 

Paul Winkler

“ Steve is the best. I often refer friends and clients. I admire (Steve because he makes) sure that he gets the facts straight and presents them in an entertaining way.”

– Paul Winkler, President, The Investor Coach, Inc., ChFC, RIA & Radio Host

Paul Winkler

"Thanks, again, for all that you did for us here at the BA church with the ReTooled & ReFueled Seminar.  Your messages were substantive and relevant, enthusiastically and effectively communicated, extremely well received, sincerely taken to heart, and will no doubt benefit the lives and souls of many for years to come."

– Tim Pyles, Senior Minister, Broken Arrow Church of Christ, Tulsa 


“What a great seminar. All I hear are good things about the presentation—the professionalism and the awesome material. Steve you did a wonderful job, and I highly recommend your ministry.”

– Dr. David Henniger, M.S.; M.F.P; D.PC; Marriage Therapist, Charleston

Cecil May

“I have heard nothing but raves. Thanks for the good work you do!”

– Dr. Cecil May Jr., Dean, Faulkner University


“Steve is a ’Just Do It’ kind of guy. He makes my life as an event coordinator easy. He will tailor his presentation to fit the needs of your audience…Steve delivers on the money…”

– Sheree’ Latham, Agenda Coordinator


"Life changing!" That’s how many in our church family described the recent Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminar. Each of the five sessions could easily have been a full-blown seminar on its own. So much practical, useful, hopeful, and insightful information. Steve’s got a genuine, inspiring way of effectively exciting people to get geared up and filled up for a better life. Everyone who came benefited! Thanks!" 

– Jim Denison, Senior Minister, Frederick Church of Christ, MD


“Is it right for Christians to prosper, live well, and enjoy life? Or should achievers feel guilty? (Steve Diggs) calls for people to pursue excellence to God’s glory…(and) will challenge the best and holiest within you.”

– Dr. Rubel Shelly, Author and Educator


“Men, discover how to lead a Christ centered life in a self centered word. Steve Diggs knows all about the trappings of success. Yet through it all, he has discovered the keys to enjoying Godly success.”

– Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN


“Thank you so much for ministering to us and for us. We were richly blessed and the conversations you stirred continue to grow and encourage people…God be with you.”

– Don McLaughlin, Minister, North Atlanta Church of Christ, Atlanta


“In this time of financial uncertainty, Steve Diggs’ (presentation) is a must! By using humor, practicality, and authenticity Steve presents a Biblically based and informative model…for all ages and life situations.”

– Jerry and Lynn Jones, Marriage Matters Ministries 


“Thank you so much for ministering to us and for us. We were richly blessed and the conversations you stirred continue to grow and encourage people…God be with you.”– Don McLaughlin, Minister, North Atlanta Church of Christ, Atlanta


“Once again, we express our gratitude for the excellent seminar you presented in San Diego. The feedback was terrific!”

– Northern Hills Church, San Diego


“Thank you…(your seminar was) fantastic and a great blessing. We had a very good turnout. Steve has a way of communicating God’s principles (…that is) a cut above. Steve communicates with ease and enthusiasm (making) it comfortable and enjoyable for his audience. I fully commend you.”

– David Ryal, College Teacher, Morro Bay, California


“Thanks for sharing your time and your life with us…I really appreciated your honesty, transparency, and passion. Thank you for your work. It is a blessing!”

– Jason Steckel, Youth Minister, Rochester Hills Church of Christ, MI

Christian Radio Broadcaster

“Steve Diggs is REAL, and he talks REAL. If Steve doesn’t make you want to be a “Brand New You”, you aren’t breathing in and out! Steve motivates people to achieve their potential and gives them real tools to make it happen.” 

 – Country Radio Broadcasters

Christian Radio Broadcaster

“Steve Diggs (is) a public relations expert.”



“I wanted to reiterate my gratitude for the work you are doing. I know (your) lessons will carry over into the advice that I give all my clients…I feel that next to the Bible, your book is the best financial success manual I have ever read.”

– Ryan K. Scott, Certified Financial Planner


“Thank you…every employee that attended…has personally thanked me for having you come. There was an excitement with all of them that I have not seen before and I think it is because you showed them things that they could do immediately that could change their lives…if anyone ever needs a reference send them my way.”

– Mike Rampy, President, Air Assurance Corporation, Tulsa


“You did a remarkable job…thanks for helping us.”

– Donnie Hilliard, Managing Editor, Our Families Magazine 


“Great job…I know your seminar made an impact on many of our people.”

– Ronnie Morgan, Minister, Castle Hills Christian Church, San Antonio


“Thank you so much for coming to Fort Collins…I really appreciated your balanced presentation. I have taught Biblical finance…and counseled both Christians and ‘pre-Christians’ for many years…I know how hard it can be.”

– Lance Hunter, Certified Financial Planner


“It’s been great getting to know you and sitting under your ministry. Steve teaches money management principles in a practical, understandable way that relates to everyday life. And he ties them to Biblical truth which makes for spiritual growth as you apply them personally. My prayer is that God will continue to use you greatly in you your ministry.”

– Pastor Kallem, Copper Creek Church, Des Moines, Iowa


“I’ve not seen as much excitement as I have this weekend. This has been one of the best attended venues we’ve had at Shiloh.”

– Ronny Jones, Seminar Coordinator, Tyler, TX


I recommend Steve and his program as a great Christian way to address the growing financial problems among Christians. Serving congregations will find this a great way to reach out to the communities they serve.”

– John Clayton, Does God Exist? Ministry


“Thank you for sharing your seminar with us at West Freeway. The response to your presentation was outstanding. Your message on Sunday morning was a high point…”

– James Trent, Involvement Minister, Fort Worth


“Thank you so much for helping us and so many others understand God’s principles for handling money…You are a gift!”

– Tim Martin, First Day Ministries


“I appreciate all the info you shared with us…but most of all, I appreciate your humble spirit. To me, that speaks louder than everything else you share.”

– Lyn Poinset, State Farm Agent & Church Deacon, Little Rock


“My son…sure did enjoy the seminar. He is 13, an eighth grader. He caught it and understood it. Thanks for your ministry!”

– Janean Burton, Church Secretary, Austin, Texas


“Steve’s (message) was both straight forward and very practical. Steve did a fantastic job of communicating important financial issues in a godly way.”

– Mike Holland, Discipleship Minister, Central Christian Church, Rockford IL


“The seminar was outstanding! Your presentation was want we had hoped—Biblically based, practical and interesting. I am confident that many of our members will benefit.”

– Frank McCreary, Church Elder and Attorney, Nashville 


“I wanted to…express how meaningful the time you spent with us was to me and our entire men’s group. Your sincere spirit and personality enhanced everything you said…Our men were both encouraged and blessed by the experience.” 

– Pastor Ken Polk, Northside Baptist Church


“Thank you for helping us make The Entrepreneurship Forum…such a success. Your involvement contributed significantly to its success.”

– Jan Zupnick, President, The Entrepreneurship Institute


“Thank you so much for being here..It was without a doubt the most successful event we have shared with this church family in years. To God be the glory.”

– Peter Gunn, Church Elder, Round Rock Church of Christ, Austin


“I just wanted to pass along a hearty ‘well done’ to Steve Diggs for his seminar…It was refreshing to hear someone tell the truth…it is really a shame the way the ‘money industry’ takes advantage of us. If only this stuff was taught in schools!” 

– David K. Bloxsom, Personal Financial Analyst


“Steve has an incredible talent to reach all ages, as well as crossing socio-economic lines. It was exactly what we needed!”

– Chuck McAlpin, Family Minister, Hixson Church of Christ, Chattanooga


“I received lots of good feedback. I believe the seminar will have a tremendous impact on our church family.”

– David Hogan CPA, Atlanta


“I am a rejoicing woman and I have you and God to thank. Something in the lessons you gave here at Singing Oaks reached my (spouse) and we are beginning a new life. Praise God for you and your talents in helping people. You will never know how much you have impacted our lives.”

– Church Staff Member, Denton, Texas


“Thank you for your part in making this perhaps our best workshop to date. Your efforts have touched the lives of people from all over the country. People came from as far as Illinois to hear what you had to say—and they were blessed. Thank you soooo much!” 

– Kevin Schwiger, Director, Spiritual Growth Workshop, Fresno, California


“Great job…I know your seminar made an impact on many of our people.”

– Ronnie Morgan, Minister, Castle Hills Christian Church, San Antonio



What You'll Learn

With ReTooled and ReFueled you'll learn real solutions to real-life struggles, how to overcome the pettiness that holds us back, refreshing, optimistic, informative, and challenging strategies and a bucket-load of great 'take-aways' for immediate improvement! ReTooled & ReFueled is a profoundly Biblical seminar featuring 5 Powerful Sessions.  This positive, up-beat approach is a welcome breath of fresh air for teens and adults who are burdened and broken by the stresses of life.


No Debt, No Sweat!

Another popular seminar, No Debt No Sweat!'s teachings on Christian money management have had a profound effect on people around the world. People are learning to live within their means. Some are able to give more. Marriages are closer. Others have learned how to avoid bankruptcy. Instead of pandering to the “wealth and prosperity” teachings that are so popular today, Steve gives clear, simple, practical solutions with a Biblical base.

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