About ReTooled and ReFueled Seminar

Steve Diggs presents this profoundly Biblical seminar featuring 5 Powerful Sessions to audiences across America. His positive, up-beat approach is a welcome breath of fresh air for teens and adults who are burdened and broken by the stresses of life.

His approach is confessional because that’s the best way to touch other people who are hurting. Steve speaks to the hearts of people who know the problems—but haven’t yet found the solutions. His style is humorous and up-beat. The goal: Regular chuckles with an occasional belly laugh.

What You Will Learn:

• Real Solutions to Real-Life Struggles
• How to Overcome the Pettiness that Holds Us Back
• Refreshing, Optimistic, Informative, & Challenging Strategies
• A Bucket-Load of Great “Take-Aways” for Immediate Improvement

9 Benefits of a Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminar:

• You Will Be Equipped with the Tools & Skill-Sets To:
• Raise Godly, Self-Reliant Kids
• Overcome Conflicts with the Ones We Love
• Heal Broken Relationships
• Overcome the Nagging Struggles that Defeat Us
• Grow Closer to God—and One Another
• Learn Effective Communication Skills
• Go from Success to Significance
• Control Your Money So It Doesn’t Control You
• Leave a Lasting Legacy for Those You Lead & Love

What We Will Discuss in the 5 Sessions…

SESSION #1: Starting Strong/Re-Defining Success

In this “get acquainted” session, Steve shares creative, out-of-the-box strategies. He leads this fast-paced, Bible-centered session with humor and authenticity.

You will learn:

• God’s concept of true success
• How to stop listening to the “noise” of the world
• The 2 Keys to True Success
• How to be a credible Christian in a tough culture
• 3 Vital Keys for Lasting Success
• The concept of “Alternative Success”

SESSION #2: Effective Conflict Resolution: Overcoming the “Junk” that Separates Us

Based on Jesus’ simple comment: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

We all experience conflict: With our spouses, our children, our co-workers, our employees, other folks at church. Sadly, most of us never truly learn how to resolve conflict. Sometimes we settle for compromise—but the conflict remains.

This is the session where you will learn the proven strategies that lead not just to compromise–but with true and lasting consensus.

You will learn:

• What Causes Conflict: The 3 “Deadly P’s”
• The Jesus-Style of Overcoming Conflict
• A case study on Conflict Resolution
• How to go below the “Bottom Line”
• The 4 Keys to Effective Conflict Resolution

SESSION #3: The Fine Art of Mentoring: How to Be One and How to Find One

Every Christian should either be a mentor, have a mentor—or, do both.
This is the session that will help you have a marriage that lasts—and kids who don’t! You will learn how to inspire those you love and lead—whether at home, at work, or at church.

You will learn:

• The 2 Leadership Paradigms: One is destined to fail.How to “Show” and not “Shove”
• The concept of Inspirationally-Motivated Leadership
• TV’s Bonanza: A Story of Mentoring
• 7 Characteristics of Effectual Mentoring

SESSION #4: The 7 Keys to a Worry-Free Money Life

Your Money: How to Get It, Give It, and Grow It!

Millions of Christians are living in financial bondage that destroys their peace and relationships. This is where Steve helps the 70% of people who are in financial distress. Jesus warned, “You cannot serve God and money.”

Based on updated material from his popular and internationally acclaimed, No Debt No Sweat! Seminar, Steve outlines the essential keys to “getting it right with the money.”

This is a session for teens through retirees—and for those who are struggling and those who are doing very well with the money.

SESSION #5: Brand YOU: How to Share Your “Life Message”

This is Steve’s favorite session. “Brand You” is the most unique session of all. This is where Steve draws upon his 30 years of experience in the advertising world to teach Christians how to “heard” above the noise of our culture.

Each of us has a vital “Life Message” to communicate to our “Essential Target Market.” Whether your ETM is a spouse, a prospective client, a student, children, friends at church, or your employer—without knowing how to effectively “brand” yourself your “Life Message” will get lost in the clutter.

Scripture teaches the importance of communicating Godly principles to the next generation: “And these words which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.” (Deut. 6: 6,7)

This is the session where Steve will teach you how to communicate your personal life message in clear, persuasive, and memorable ways.

Here’s How It Works…

Typically the Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Essential Christian Life-Skills Seminar is hosted in a church building or other public venue. Some churches use the seminar simply to minister to their own people. Other churches promote it throughout the neighborhood-or even the city-as an outreach ministry.

Usually the seminar includes 5 sessions, each approximately 45-50 minutes in length. There are several effective ways to host a Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminar:

1) 1-Day: An all-day Sunday event is a wonderful way to build church-wide enthusiasm and support. Generally, all-day Sunday events begin by presenting Session #1to a combined (adult and teen) Sunday school. Sessions 2, 3, 4, and 5 usually begin at 4:00pm and conclude around 8:30. (Times often vary based on individual congregations’ needs and desires.) Usually the church provides a light sandwich supper after Session 3.

2) 2-Day: Sunday and Monday-Presenting Session 1 as a combined teen/adult Sunday school; Sessions 2 and 3 on Sunday evening; and Sessions 4 and 5 on Monday evening. (This format is especially effective for congregations interested in using the seminar for outreach and evangelism, since un-churched people are frequently free on Sunday and Monday evenings.)

3) 1-Day: All 5 Sessions on Saturday

4) 2-Day: Same as #2, except we present the sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. (Either 2 or 3 each evening.)

The Blessing Your Church or Group Will Receive By Hosting a Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Essential Christian Life-Skills Seminar:

From his unique perspective with decades of experience in both the business world and the church, Steve understands that Christians face the same problems that most of our secular face. The trouble is, unlike business and sales people, Christians are rarely taught the vital life-skills necessary to survive—and thrive. God’s people are in the same jam that our secular friends face. As a matter of fact, our plight may actually be worse. Christians tend to hide their struggles. Frequently, they’re in denial-and we’re not talking about the river in Egypt! We’re talking about a dysfunctional lifestyle that depletes spiritual vigor and zeal for the Lord’s work. And, the devil loves it!

A Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminar teaches Christians how to free themselves from bondage and live the spiritually vigorous and victorious lives that God intends. As Christians learn that holiness (not happiness) is the ultimate goal—they begin to experience true joy. Attendees see that they have been attempting to fill the holes in our hearts with stuff. Yet, with closer examination, we see that these holes are shaped exactly like Jesus-and, nothing else will fill them.

The Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminar is designed for insightful Christian leaders who are dedicated to equipping their churches with the tools and skill-sets necessary to go the distance in a very dark and difficult world.

What you will get…

Each participate in the 5-session, 5-hour seminar will receive a Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminar Workbook to enhance the learning experience and facilitate at-home study and follow-up.

What Does It Cost?

Re-Tooled & Re-Fueled Seminars are an outreach ministry of the Antioch Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where Steve Diggs serves as a minister. While there is an honorarium for the seminar and the workbooks, it is flexible based on size, financial abilities, and other considerations.

For information about scheduling a ReTooled and ReFueled Christian Life Skills Seminar at your church please email steve@stevediggs.com or call 615.300.8263!



What You'll Learn

With ReTooled and ReFueled you'll learn real solutions to real-life struggles, how to overcome the pettiness that holds us back, refreshing, optimistic, informative, and challenging strategies and a bucket-load of great 'take-aways' for immediate improvement! ReTooled & ReFueled is a profoundly Biblical seminar featuring 5 Powerful Sessions.  This positive, up-beat approach is a welcome breath of fresh air for teens and adults who are burdened and broken by the stresses of life.


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